ResMed AirFit N20

Nasal mask designed to provide a gentle, effective, reliable therapy experience, even when you move in your sleep. The AirFit N20 is soft on your skin, easy to fit and comfortable to wear. The ‘For Her’ version is specially designed for women.

An easy fit with the InfinitySeal technology

In a recent international study, the Airfit N20 InfinitySeal cushion was proven to fit 99.4% of all faces.

Regardless of your face shape or size, the silicone cushion adapts to your profile thanks to its uniquely contoured design. Moving comfortably with you through the night, it provides a secure fit and comfortable seal tailored to your therapy needs.

Patient tested and preferred

Extensively tested and designed to give you the best therapy experience, AirFit N20 is a proven choice for comfort and ease of use. In a recent study, 88% of patients found AirFit N20 more comfortable and easier to use than the current market-leading nasal mask.

Its features combine to deliver a comprehensively superior mask experience – with 92% of patients saying they preferred wearing the AirFit N20 over the current market-leading nasal mask.

Our AirFit N20 for Her range

Dedicated purely to women, this range was specifically designed to give every woman a more personalized mask that better meets her unique facial features and adapts to the way she sleeps.



Accessories for ResMed AirFit N20
REF Number Description
63516 AirFit N20 Small (for Her)
63517 AirFit N20 Medium
63518 AirFit N20 Large
63558 AirFit N20 Headgear Grey/Pink with clip for Her Small
63561 AirFit N20 Headgear Grey with clip Standard
63562 AirFit N20 Headgear Grey with clip Large
63550 AirFit N20 Cushion Small
63551 AirFit N20 Cushion Medium
63552 AirFit N20 Cushion Large
63566 / 63567 AirFit N20 Frame standard / Frame for Her
63565 AirFit N20 Elbow with tube
63564 AirFit N20 Magnetic clip x2


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Contact us for any information about the product

ResMed AirFit N20