ResMed AirTouch N20

For a more personalized mask fit, users choose the ResMed AirTouch N20 Nasal. The memory foam cushions gently adapt to your nose shape and size without contact red marks or soreness. And the nasal cushion shapes to your face, so you always get a perfect fit.

Preferred Memory Foam Cushions

Nine out of 10 CPAP users prefer the AirTouch N20 for its softer and more contoured memory foam cushions. Regardless of nose shape or size, the cushions easily shape to contours and facial details for a personalized fit. Never again wake up with red marks or soreness from ill-fitting cushions.

Interchangeable Cushions for Personal Preference

Thanks to ResMed’s innovative designs, the AirTouch N20 CPAP mask is also compatible with the silicone AirFit N20 nasal cushions. Users can now easily swap between silicone and memory foam cushions depending on their comfort needs. With more choice you can find the best fit for you, which ensures CPAP compliance.

Easy Mask Removal

The simple magnetic headgear clips let you slip the nasal mask off with ease. Simpler mask assembly means easier cleaning.

Quick Release Elbow

When you need to get up in the middle of the night, the quick release elbow makes it easy to remove your CPAP tube without removing your mask. When you are ready to resume CPAP, easily reattach your elbow connection and tube by snapping it into place.

Cleaning the AirTouch N20 Mask Cushions

To provide the optimum fit and most comfortable therapy experience, we advise you replace your CPAP mask parts on a regular basis. If there is some noticeable deterioration of the cushion, you should remove and replace it. If not, replace the cushion approximately once per month. Due to the memory foam, the AirTouch N20 Nasal cushion should not be cleaned with any wipes, cleaners or liquid detergent. Only clean the silicone and plastic cushion parts regularly.

On a weekly basis, clean the headgear/frame.

  1. Soak and agitate the headgear and frame for up to 10 minutes in warm water and a gentle liquid detergent.
  2. Clean the materials by rubbing them repeatedly under warm running tap water until the detergent residue is gone.
  3. Squeeze the components together and get rid of any extra gases.
  4. Before assembling, let the mask parts dry (out of direct sunlight).

Fitting your AirTouch N20 Nasal Mask

  • Twist and pull all magnetic clips free from the frame.
  • Keep the mask against your face with both lower headgear straps released.
  • Pull the headgear over your head.
  • Mount the magnetic clip to the frame by bringing the lower straps behind your ears.
  • Loosen the fastening tabs for the upper headgear straps.
  • Uniformly adjust the straps so the mask fits snugly over the nose.
  • Undo the fastening tabs on the lower headgear.
  • Uniformly adjust the straps so the mask is secure. Don’t overtighten.
  • Reattach the tabs that hold the fasteners in position.
  • Attach your CPAP device’s air tube to the mask short tube.
  • Firmly fasten the elbow to the mask. First, press the side buttons on the forearm, then push it into the mask, making sure it clicks in on both ends.
  • Turn on the machine.




Accessories for ResMed AIrTouch N20
REF Number Description
63909 AirTouch N20 Small (for Her)
63911 AirTouch N20 Medium
63912 AirTouch N20 Large
63558 AirFit N20 Headgear Grey/Pink with clip for Her Small
63561 AirFit N20 Headgear Grey with clip Standard
63562 AirFit N20 Headgear Grey with clip Large
63550 AirFit N20 Cushion Small
63551 AirFit N20 Cushion Medium
63552 AirFit N20 Cushion Large
63566 / 63567 AirFit N20 Frame standard / Frame for Her
63565 AirFit N20 Elbow with tube
63564 AirFit N20 Magnetic clip x2


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Contact us for any information about the product

ResMed AirTouch N20