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Oxygenium Medical S.A. represents the collaboration of three different companies with over 30 years of presence in home care industry, aiding patients who suffer from respiratory and mobillity issues.




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Having our vast experience as a stepping stone and the official distribution in Greece of the largest manufacturers worldwide, we have created a leading homecare company in the provision of integrated solutions and home services for the diagnosis and treatment of serious respiratory diseases, such as sleep apnea syndrome (OSA). , chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis, motor neuron disease (ALS) and other sleep breathing disorders.

We have a wide range of clientele, starting from the patient directly, to Public and Private Hospitals, Private Clinics, Rehabilitation Centers, Private practices, health organizations, nursing homes, solely aiming in distributing reliable and modern medical products and providing specialized services.

Our vision

Our main goal focuses in continuous development, both through the distribution of new innovative products of advanced technology and the improvement of the services provided by placing the patient and his relatives at the center of our efforts, always with respect for the environment and consistency with our partners. As pillars of development of Oxygenium Medical S.A. in the future we consider the following:

  • Continuous training of our employees.
  • Optimization of corporate processes.
  • Modern and high-end facilities.
  • Introduction of new technologies.
  • Good health and safety practices.
  • Protecting the environment by reducing waste and using recyclable materials.

Oxygenium Medical SA as a living organism evolves, develops and seeks extroversion through corporate social responsibility and sensitivity in the context of the needs of society and the people who have supported our vision for so many years.

We invest in the human-centered approach of our clients by rebuilding relationships of trust and respect, so that they feel that we are always by their side and that we offer them the best possible solutions to their needs.

Our Products

Oxygenium Medical SA is an official distributor in Greece to leading companies worldwide such as:

The products we distribute fully meet the requirements and strict regulations of the European Union.

Certifications of Oxygenium

Oxygenium Medical SA has established and implements a quality management system according to the international standards EN ISO 9001:2015 EN ISO 13485:2016 for the distribution and technical support of medical technology products and at the same time applies the requirements of the Ministerial Decision (ΔΥ8δ/Γ.Π. οικ./1348/2004) regarding the Good Practice for the Distribution of Medical Technological Products.

 ISO 13485:2016
ISO 9001:2015
YA 1348

Certifications of Oxygenium Medical

 ISO 13485:2016
ISO 9001:2015
YA 1348

Certifications of Oxygenium Plus

Together we improve life
Why to choose us
Why to choose us
1Experience in oxygen therapy and sleep apnea

Our 30 years experience in oxygen therapy and sleep apnea, allows us to know perfectly how to serve you and how to meet your needs in the best possible way.

2Personal contact

At Oxygenium Medical, the most important factor is the human being. With respect and ethos, we gain personal contact with each of our customers for the best service.

3Official Distributors of the world’s largest companies

Our company cooperates with the world’s largest respiratory device companies providing patients with high quality products.