ResMed Stellar 150

From hospital care to homecare, invasive to non-invasive applications, paediatric to adult use, Stellar 150 offers high-quality ventilation in an easy, accessible device.

Portable non-invasive ventilator series with invasive capabilities for non-dependent patients (>13kg)* who have changing needs or progressive respiratory conditions. Stellar features intuitive menus, customisable therapy options, real-time curves and wireless connectivity to AirView.

Delivering personalised therapy to suit your patients

Stellar’ precise and sensitive, technologies such as Vsync and TiControl™, rise and fall times, ramp and ramp down, 5 trigger and cycle levels, allow you to fine-tune settings on a per patient basis.

Set and save up to two ventilation programs with different parameters to fit to the needs of the patient.

Designed to meet the demands in any fast-paced hospital

Stellar’s intuitive menus simplify the setup process, while its real-time curves make monitoring quick and always available. Flow and pressure data is also available via the ResScan patient management software.

Critical setup options are now displayed on the first clinical menu screen and a number of values are pre-set and organised by disease category to help facilitate therapy initiation.

Transitioning home and staying mobile

Stellar doesn’t only provide for patients’ respiratory needs, but also helps them achieve lifestyle goals.

Small, lightweight and portable, with an internal battery , Stellar is a suitable ventilator for patients to return home with, fitting in with their lifestyle as they move about and carry on with their daily activities, adding a sense of normality during therapy.


Accessories for ResMed Stellar 150
REF Number  Description
24143 Stellar 150
24929 H4i heated humidifier
24922 DC Converter
24977 Mobility bag
27902 Remote alarm II
24921 Power station II battery and bag
24959 DC Cable
36822 Power supply 90W
24988 Leak valve
27202 Connectivity module
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Contact us for any information about the product

ResMed Stellar 150