Inogen ONE G5

Inogen One G5 is the best portable oxygen concentrator regarding inhalation in relation to its weight and oxygen production, contrary to other portable oxygen concentrators in the market.


The brand new portable oxygen concentrator Inogen One G5 produced by the American house of Inogen Inc., is designed to provide medical oxygen using pulse technology, up to 6ltr/h throughout the day. (Pulse technology during inhalation)

Its small, lightweight design, along with its 16 cell battery that provides maximum autonomy up to 13hours, makes it the perfect choice for independence in everyday needs and movements.

Because of the friendly design and its clothing case, Inogen One G5, can be easily regulated due to its legible LCD screen which is located at the top of the case for better adjustment.

Inogen One G5 is accompanied with manufacturer’s guarantee of 3 years with extension capabilities up to 5 years for the unit and 1 year guarantee for medical columns and batteries.

The portable concentrator Inogen One G5 features certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for indoor use at the cabin of the aircraft, suitable for domestic or international flights. Some of the Aviation companies are: Aegean, AirFrance, AmericanAirlines, Austrian, BritishAirways, Continental, DeltaAirlines, ChinaAirlines, EasyJet, KLM, Qantas, SAS, Swiss, OlympicAir.


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Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά: 

Ρύθμιση Ροής: 1,2,3,4,5,6
Απόδοση Οξυγόνου: Παλμική (Pulse dose)
Βάρος με μπαταρία 8 cell: 2,2 Kg
Βάρος με μπαταρία 16 cell: 2,5 Kg
Εκδόσεις Μπαταριών: 8cell, 16cell
Διαστάσεις: 20,7cm x 8,28cm x 18,26cm
Υψόμετρο: 0m – 3048m
Στάθμη θορύβου: 38dB / 2lpm
Ηχητικοί συναγερμοί: Υψηλή πίεση, αναγνώριση άπνοιας , υψηλή θερμοκρασία, δυσλειτουργία συσκευής, χαμηλή φόρτιση μπαταρίας.



Αξεσουάρ συσκευής Inogen One G5
REF Number: Περιγραφή
BA-516: Inogen One G5 16 Cell Μπαταρία
BA-500: Inogen One G5 8 Cell Μπαταρία
RP-502: Inogen One G5 Στήλες
BA-501: Inogen One G5 Τροφοδοτικό AC 220V
BA-306: Inogen One G5 Τροφοδοτικό αυτοκινήτου DC
BA-503: Inogen One G5 Εξωτερικός φορτιστής με τροφοδοτικό 220V
CA-500: Inogen One G5 Θήκη Μεταφοράς
CA-550: Inogen One G5 Σακίδιο πλάτης


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Inogen ONE G5